Mark Z. of Dubuque, IA noticed a lot of water leaking in through his walls. The issue had been present for quite some time, and Mark had set up fans in the basement to alleviate some of the moisture issues. The water continued coming through the walls, and flooding the basement. It would only get worse if Mark didn't act, so he called the experts at MidAmerica Basement Systems for his free estimate.


Mark met with design specialist Bryan Christopherson for his no obligation, customized estimate. After Bryan conducted a thorough inspection, he came up with a solution that would fit Mark and his basement needs. The basement would be encapsulated with CleanSpace. CleanSpace Liner is a vinyl material as thick as a pool liner that traps vapors, and water, preventing them form reaching the interior. 

Mike Clementz came out to install the CleanSpace System. CleanSpace Drainage Matting was laid below the CleanSpace Liner. A new sump pump, the SuperSump was also installed to work in the space. For humidity control, a self-draining dehumidifier, the SaniDry CX was added to the basement project. With a new waterproofing system, Mark is happy that he can now sleep easy in his dry basement.  

The stone walls are suffering from water damage. The water damage extends to the floor, where pools can be seen around the joints.
The SaniDry CX is plugged in and running. It's the blue box in the forefront of the picture.
The encapsulated basement is bright, white, clean, and most importantly, dry.
New SuperSump sump pump is installed to keep water out of the basement.
CleanSpace looks amazing in this shallow basement space.