Mike’s garage had settled and shifting leading to him having to demolish and rebuild. After it was torn down, he noticed that the foundation of the garage had sunken significantly, which was the cause of a shifted and settled garage. He looked to have the foundation re-poured, but quickly found out how expensive it would cost him. He then turned to the mudjacking option and reached out to MidAmerica Basement Systems.


Design specialist Cole had a much more effective solution than mudjacking. He offered Mike PolyLevel. PolyLevel has many more advantages to make the garage foundation stable and strong enough to withstand the weight of a new garage. PolyLevel uses a lifting force between 2,000 to 4,000 pounds per square foot, enough to withstand a heavy garage. Small 5/8th inch holes are drilled into the concrete, going unnoticed once the lift is complete. Mudjacking can use 2-3 inch sized holes once completed. Once PolyLevel is injected, the voids are filled to prevent future sinking. The polymers then expand to lift the concrete, leveling the slab back to the desired height. The lightweight material weighs less than 4 pounds per cubic foot, reducing the unnecessary stress to the ground that the 120 pounds from mudjacking produces. PolyLevel is also waterproof so it will never washout, and it will never rot or deteriorate over time. The once sunken garage slab is now level once more, ready to take on the weight of the new garage.

Project Summary

Garage Slab Lifting: PolyLevel

Design Specialist: Cole Tatge

Project Foreman: Richard Brown, Jr.

One corner had sunken over 5 inches. After PolyLevel, less than an 1/8th of an inch is present. (Top - Before. Bottom - After.)
Small 5/8th inch holes are drilled, ready to inject PolyLevel. Once injected, the ports are removed and the hole are filled. (Top - Before. Bottom - After.)
Other areas had dropped 4 inches and PolyLevel has now lifted and leveled, stabilizing the concrete. The garage slab is now ready for the new garage to be built. (Top - Before. Bottom - After.)