The concrete slabs under Jack’s stairs to his porch had sunken and shifted so much, it made the stairs unsafe to walk on, making it necessary for him to remove the stairs to prevent anyone from walking on them. His main concern was how much it was going to cost him to have it torn up and replaced. 


Jack was than introduced to the alternative solution of PolyLevel from MidAmerica Basement Systems. PolyLevel uses high-density polymers to lift, level, and stable sunken concrete slabs. Smaller than dime-sized holes are drilled into the slabs, and PolyLevel is injected, filling the voids that initially caused the slabs to sink. After the voids are filled, the polyurethane expands, lifting the concrete back to its level, stable state. MidAmerica Basement Systems was also able to level the walkway to his home, providing a level and safe entrance to his home.

Project Summary

Concrete Leveling: PolyLEVEL

Design Specialist: Bryan Nachazel

Project Engineer: Richard Brown

Unlevel slabs have made the stairs to the porch unsafe and unreliable.
Stairs are removed to ensure no one uses them.
Sidewalk to the stairs has sunken, creating large gaps.
PolyLevel injections have leveled and stabilized concrete slabs.
With level slabs, stairs can be replaced, leaving it safe and stable to access.
Smooth transition from the sidewalk to concrete stairs.