Tim had one thing left to do for his basement remodel, and that was install flooring. He wasn’t sure what to do. All he knew was concrete flooring was cold, and sometimes damp. Placing vinyl flooring or carpet in the basement would become ruined over time due to the damp concrete, and the floor would always be cold when you walked on it. Tim decided to look around at the Quad City Home Show for ideas for his basement.


He stumbled across MidAmerica Basement Systems’ ThermalDry Flooring. The unique tiles interlock while providing a thermal break from the cold concrete floor. Each tile is on a peg system that allows for air to flow between the tile and the ground, so moisture can pass by. ThermalDry Flooring is made completely out of inorganic materials so it will never rot or mold if it were to become wet. There are main different styles and colors of flooring to choose from, ranging from Charcoal colored carpet, to Sandstone Gray vinyl tiles; all completely water resistant so you never have to worry about replacing your flooring. Tim could not be happier with the results from his ThermalDry Flooring from MidAmerica Basement Systems. His basement is now complete and ready to be used as additional living space. He will never have to worry about his feet becoming cold from the concrete floor, and can rest assure he will never need to replace his flooring

Project Summary

Mike Clementz: Total Basement Finishing Specialist

Total Basement Finishing: ThermalDry Basement Floor Matting

ThermalDry Flooring is being installed to finish basement remodel.
Mocha ThermalDry Carpeted Basement Floor Tiles are installed in the office room.
Charcoal ThermalDry Carpeted Basement Floor Tiles are installed in the basement bedroom.
Snap feature allows for seamless transition between the different tiles.
Basement to Beautiful™ with ThermalDry Parquet Basement Floor Tiles.