Mary’s basement was finished, but before it was ever waterproofed, leading to a ruined basement. Her flooring and portions of her walls were destroyed, and her basement was still leaking. MidAmerica Basement Systems was contacted and a waterproofing system was installed to keep her basement dry, but still had a ruined basement.


It was offered to her to have ThermalDry Flooring installed in her basement. ThermalDry Flooring is a tile on a peg-raised system that allows for air and water movement to happen without damaging the flooring. The peg system is a special feature that prevents the porous, damp, cold concrete from collecting moisture under the floor tiles, and provides a thermal break. Each ThermalDry Floor tile uses an interlocking-snap system for easy installation, and quick tear-apart if needed. Using all inorganic materials, ThermalDry Flooring will never rot, mold, chip, bubble, or be ruined by water or moisture.

Project Summary

Basement Flooring: ThermalDry Flooring

Design Specialist: Dan Garner

Project Engineer: Mike Clementz

The once leaking basement had ruined portions of the walls and destroyed all the flooring.
After the waterproofing, the basement is ready for ThermalDry Flooring.
ThermalDry Flooring has giving the basement a new, water resistant floor.
The homeowner no longer needs to worry of damaged and cold floors.