Warren F. of Oelwein, IA called MidAmerica Basement Systems because he had a partially finished basement he wanted to get the rest of the basement finished, as well. Warren wanted to have a basement bedroom, and a large entertaining space. He had read about the Total Basement Finishing line online, and knew it would be a great solution for his occassionally damp basement.


Warren met with design specialist, Joe Sarb, who investigated the property and offered solutions for the water intrusions. The waterproofing system included a partial perimeter WaterGuard installation at the problematic areas. The water empties from the drainage system directly into the TripleSafe Sump Pump, which then empties out the LawnScape Well, away from the foundation.

Foreman Mike Clementz and his team got started on the basement finishing project. To finish the rest of the basement with the waterproofed Total Basement Finishing Products, EverLast Wall was installed. The EverLast Wall is a finished wall that is insulated with rigid foam insulation that doesn't absorb moisture, is mold and water resistant, and has a good R-value. This makes the basement more comfortable and more energy efficient. Warren also chose to have the ThermalDry Elite Plank Flooring, in Light Pecan, installed in the space. ThermalDry Elite Plank Flooring is a mold and water proof product that looks like wood and is textured like it as well. However, it is made of entirely inorganic materials to prevent warped wood or mold from water intrusion. Additionally, the linen ceiling tiles come with a long term warranty - they won't sag, and they will not be damaged by mold or mildew. 

Warren's newly finished space will be home to a basement bedroom and a family room. Now that Warren has a dry, beautiful basement to enjoy, he couldn't be happier! It looks amazing!

The team is getting ready to start installation of the Total Basement Finishing products.
Starting the wall installation.
Metal studs will not host mold, and rot.
Beautiful floors, walls and ceiling, complete with brass finishes, electric plates, trim and molding.
The basement looks amazing with mold and water resistant materials.
Warren chose the Light Pecan flooring, and brass accent knobs.
The products even make the closet look nice!