Uneven and cracked sidewalks and driveways can lead to mean issues: unpleasant site, pooling water, and tripping hazards are a few of these issues. For Robin, she was very concerned about the tripping hazards that are associated with the uneven areas of her driveway and sidewalk. She was not happy with the idea of demolishing the whole driveway and sidewalk to repour it new and even, so turned the option of mudjacking.


When design specialist, Wes offered the solution to leveling the areas, he offered PolyLevel. PolyLevel is similar to mudjacking, but with modern knowledge and technology incorporated. PolyLevel is injecting under the concrete slab just like when mudjacking occurs, but the results have more advantages. The lightweight material is less than 4lbs per cubic foot compared to 120lbs used in mudjacking. All the extra weight mudjacking has on the ground, produces more stress to the already failed ground. PolyLevel also offers a quick cure time, allowing for injected areas to be accessed within minutes, mudjacking can take days even weeks to access the area.  The quick reaction time provides for a precise and accurate lift, making sure under- or over-lifting occurs.

Project Summary

Concrete Lifting and Leveling: PolyLEVEL

Design Specialist: Wes Glasgow

Uneven concrete produces many tripping hazards and an unsightly appearance.
Voids become larger over time from water washing out the soil from underneath the concrete.
After PolyLevel, the sidewalk becomes level once again, reducing tripping hazards.
A NexusPro Joint Sealant is applied to all cracks, making the appearance of the driveway faults disappear.