Pam V. reached out the MidAmerica Basement Systems team because she was interested in waterproofing and restoring her basement. There was quite a lot of water intrusion through various areas in the basement and some of the walls had visible mold growth and water damage. The team sent Design Specialist, Mark Kurtz to Pam's home to provide a thorough inspection and give a free estimate. Pleased with what Mark explained, the project was soon underway.


The team lead by lead foreman, Mike Clementz began by removing the bottom segment of the basement walls which were also damaged. With the old wall removed, the team began installing strips of CleanSpace liners to help drain wall leaks to a perimeter drainage system called WaterGuard. WaterGuard will drain wall leaks and rising ground water to the local sump pump. WaterGuard is installed on top of the foundation footing to prevent system clogging. SuperSump was installed as the basements sump pump and comes with features that will help keep this basement dry, such as; cast iron zoeller pump, air tight lid, air tight drain, CleanPump stand, WaterWatch alarm system. Once the basement was waterproofed, the team installed EverLast wall restoration panels that are made with inorganic materials, so water or mold can’t damage the panels. EverLast panels give the basement an aesthetic appeal as well. Now Pam has a basement that is waterproofed and looks great too!

Before, water damage was evident.
SuperSump, CleanSpace liners and WaterGuard work together to keep this basement dry.
EverLast restoration wall panels give this basement a beautiful lift.