Barbara began to notice water seeping in through vertical cracks in her Oregon, IL basement. She searcedh for solutions and she found the MidAmerica Basement Systems team. Barbara explained to Appointment Center Representative, Brittany Soucy, of the issues she was facing with her wet basement. The team sent Design Specialist, Michael Banks, to the premises to provide Barbara with an inspection and an estimate. Michael Banks gave Barbara his professional suggestion on what can be done to permanently waterproof her basement and Barbara agreed to accept MidAmerica Basement Systems help.


Leading the project was Foreman, Justin Bailey. Justin Bailey and the team began waterproofing Barbara’s basement by installing CleanSpace to the basement walls. CleanSpace is a 20 mil thick, durable yet flexible liner that helps drain wall leaks to the perimeter drainage system. CleanSpace has an antimicrobial additive that resists mold growth on the liner and CleanSpace also creates a barrier against water vapor, making it ideal in damp spaces that support mold growth. As the perimeter drainage system, WaterGuard was installed to drain wall leaks and ground water seepage away from the foundation floor and to the local sump pump. WaterGuard is unique in that it is installed on top of the foundation footing as to prevent clogging. For the local sump pump, the team installed SuperSump. SuperSump comes with patented features like the WaterWatch alarm system designed to activate when water rises above a certain point within the system. Barbara can finally sit back and relax knowing that her basement was waterproofed by leading, patented systems and a professional, thorough team of experts! 

The basement before waterproofing.
The team prepares the area for installation of the SuperSump pump system and WaterGuard perimeter drainage system.
Professionally installing SuperSump system and WaterGuard.
A waterproofed basement with CleanSpace liner, WaterGuard subfloor drainage system and SuperSump pump system.