Catherine and Mike S. contacted MidAmerica Basement Systems because they had water coming in through the floor and wall joints of their home. Concerned about the frequent water intrusions, they knew they had to act. Catherine and Mike met with design specialist Mac McDaniel.


Design specialist Mac McDaniel joined Catherine and Mike at their home to conduct a thorough investigation inside and outside the home. During the investigation, Mac identified a custom solution for Catherine and Mike's home. Mac designed a solution including WaterGaurd, a TrenchDrain, CleanSpace Wall, new basement windows, a powerful sump pump, and a buried discharge line with the IceGuard attachment piece.

Foreman Justin Reger and his team installed the system. They installed the full perimeter, sub-floor drainage system, WaterGuard in conjunction with CleanSpace Wall lining the base of the damp wall. CleanSpace Wall is a thick, corded material that keeps water out of the interior of the basement, and drains water into the WaterGuard. His team also installed a TripleSafe Sump Pump. The TripleSafe Sump Pump has three powerful pumps; one primary pump, a back up pump, and a battery back up pump. The TripleSafe drains out the buried discharge line, which is equipped with the IceGuard attachment piece, which allows water to exit above snow and ice if the discharge line freezes. The comprehensive system is keeping Catherine and Mike's basement dry, and they are very happy!

Before the basement is waterproofed, there are signs of water intrusion throughout the whole basement.
WaterGuard and CleanSpace Wall are being installed to keep the basement dry.
It is important to have a WaterGuard Port installed in the system to allow for ease of cleaning.
A TrenchDrain has been installed near the floor drain area.
The completed project is keeping the basement dry.