Water was still coming in the basement of Matt F.’s and he could not understand why. He had a sump pump on the North side of the basement, but it did not seem to work when it was needed. Matt reached out to MidAmerica Basement Systems to inspect his sump pump, thinking there was an issue with the pump.


During inspection, it was explained to Matt that his sump pump worked fine, but because it was located at the highest point in his basement, the water couldn’t properly floor to it. It was suggested that a TripleSafe sump be placed in a proper location in the basement. WaterGuard was also installed around the perimeter of the basement, allowing for water to collect and be directed to both sump pumps. Now water no longer surfaces to the floor, and both sump pumps properly discharge water back out of the home.

Project Summary

Basement Waterproofing Products: WaterGuard & TripleSafe Sump

Water damage has caused the paint to chip and peel.
Crewmen dig trenches so WaterGuard can be installed.
Basement is ready for WaterGuard installation.
WaterGuard is installed around existing sump for a more effective system.
A TripleSafe is placed in the proper location to effectively discharge water from the basement.