At the Bible Missionary Institute in Rock Island, IL, water was intruding at a weak spot between the floor and the walls. The small private school got in contact with the local experts at MidAmerica Basement Systems. Not long thereafter, a MidAmerica Basement Systems design specialist met with representatives of the school.


Design specialist Dustin Shepard created a system that would keep water out of the basement. Almost 300 feet of the patented WaterGuard sub-floor drainage system was to be installed, to drain water out of the basement before it even reached the interior. Additionally, three TripleSafe sump pumps, IceGuard, and a LawnScape Well were included in the design to combat water intrusion. Top of the line TripleSafe sump pumps are a 3 in 1 design, that have a main pump for the majority of the work, a second pump for powerful rainfalls, and a back up battery. IceGuard is a feature that can be added to the sump pump discharge line, allowing water to exit even if the pipes are frozen in cold temperatures. The LawnScape Well and discharge line pump water far away from the basement, exiting away from the foundation walls.

Foreman Justin Bailey and his team arrived to install the new waterproofing system. As the crew was prepping for install, they noticed a few things that were a little bit of a challenge. The footing of the basement was much larger than to be expected. Typically, a structure's footing is only about four inches. The footing that they uncovered, however, was about two feet wide. Additionally, the concrete floor was a little bit thicker and harder than the traditional floor the team encounters. However, despite the unforseen challenges, the experts at MidAmerica Basement Systems were able to complete the job on time, and the Bible Missionary Institute is pleased to know that because of the expert team, wonderful design and top of the line products, their basement will be protected from water for a very, very long time.

Preparing for the work.
The footing was much larger than expected. Typically, the footing would be the length of 6ft crewman Kyle's hand, not his whole arm!
WaterGuard's install is not hindered by existing walls.
One of three TripleSafe sump pumps installed in this very large basement.