Brian D. is the homeowner of this Muscatine residence wanted to transform their basement into a space that the whole family can enjoy. After noticing continuing water leakage in the basement along with mold, the homeowner realized they would need to waterproof the space before the real transformation could begin. The homeowner reached out to the experts in all things basementy, MidAmerica Basement Systems! The team sent Design Specialist, Michael Banks, to offer expert advice to Brian. Michael inspected the property and provided a same day quote at no cost to Brian. Delighted about having a dry, beautiful, usable space Brian gave the thumbs up!


The project was led by Primary Foreman, Bill Wilcox. The team first waterproofed the space by installing the perimeter drainage system, WaterGuard, to drain wall leaks and rising ground water away from the space. WaterGuard Port was installed with WaterGuard for inspection and access to the system. The WaterGuard will drain into the newly installed, SuperSump pump system with cast iron pump, liner, airtight lid with airtight floor drain, CleanPump Stand, and WaterWatch alarm system.  To finish the project, the team installed EverLast wall restoration. EverLast replaces the old, moldy, damaged part of the wall with inorganic materials that won’t get damaged by water, humidity or mold. Brian’s basement looks and feels great thanks to the expert advice, professional installation and innovative products provided by MidAmerica Basement Systems!

The basement before was dingy and damp.
SuperSump will help control water intrusion.
The finished project reveals a brighter, cleaner, dryer space!