Howard has spent over 30 years in business management and customer service.  During that time he also attended college and graduated with a degree in Business Administration.  Realizing what a great asset Howard would be, Midwest Reconstruction/MidAmerica Basement Systems recruited Howard in 1994.  Howard received extensive training on waterproofing at the Basement Systems International Waterproofing Contractor Network Headquarters in Seymour, Connecticut where he ultimately earned the highly esteemed title “Certified Waterproofing Professional.”   He also attended training in Omaha, NE for foundation repair and earned his Foundation Supportworks certification. Howard also attends annual dealer training conferences.

Howard began with installations, where he installed more than 400 systems with his own hands successfully.  In 1995, Howard acquired 47% of the company’s stock and became Vice President and General Manager.  During September of 1997 Howard purchased the remaining 51% of the company’s stock and became President of the company.   

MidAmerica Basement Systems/Midwest Reconstruction is the exclusive regional dealer for the Basement Systems International Waterproofing Contractor Network – a group of 300 of the best basement waterproofing contractors in North America and the world.  This network has exclusive access to patented products, comprehensive training, and exclusive certification testing and support through the national company.  MidAmerica Basement Systems maintains a top 20 national dealer ranking in this network.The company also does extensive foundation repair, and is the exclusive regional dealer for Foundation SupportWorks, where we maintain a top 20 national dealer ranking.

Howard has consulted with over 7500 homeowners and designed effective solutions for them.  Howard is a trusted and valued member of the Basement System team and Foundation Supportworks team. Howard served on the Basement Systems National Dealer Council and as a member of the Iowa Homebuilders Association, National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI), the QC Homebuilders Association, and Davenport One.