SaniDry: The Preferred Dehumidifier for Your Basement or Crawl Space

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When looking for a dehumidifier, a homeowner should first consider what mold needs to facilitate growth in a space. The three things mold needs to grow are:

1. A food source (an organic material such as wood or fiberglass would do)

2. Moisture (mold loves damp spaces)

3. The right temperature (32 degrees – 100 degrees Fahrenheit allows for mold growth).

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To take away the food source completely, a homeowner must be willing to strip every organic material out of their home which is pretty unrealistic. The homeowner could run the air conditioning unit year round to keep the temperature low, but there’s no guarantee that it will successfully remove the moisture out of the air. Afterall, very few homeowners would enjoy their home temperature being lower than 32 degrees year round...and talk about a high utility bill, ouch! Finally, the homeowner is left to find a way to keep humidity levels relatively low in their home. Hence, the relation between mold and dehumidifiers! A dehumidifier will help you control the environment in your home which will prevent mold growth.

What’s the big deal about a little mold? Mold is not just some unsightly area on the basement wall or on some other surface…mold is a living organism…that grows and reproduces. A “little” can and will grow to a lot if the problem isn’t resolved before it’s too late. The problem will get worse and so the best chance a homeowner has to stop and prevent mold growth is to catch it before it spreads. The bigger the problem is, the more expensive it will be to fix. For homeowners interested in buying or selling a home, account for the property value to diminish if mold is present. No one wants to live in a house with mold.

What’s that smell? If there is a foul odor in the home that seems to get stronger as one approaches the basement or crawl space, chances are it is mold. More specifically, it’s a phenomena called “mold farts”, which occurs as mold digests organic material. It is a living organism after all! Still unconvinced that “a little” mold isn’t a big deal? Besides the overall decrease in the value of the home and unpleasant smell, there are health issues related to mold that should be of great concern to every homeowner. Many people are sensitive to high concentrations of mold spores. Mold spores are essentially mold “seeds” that get lifted into the air and redistributed throughout the home. People react to the spores with allergy like symptoms. Some types of mold are more dangerous than others, producing toxins in the air that can cause severe reactions…and can send someone directly to the hospital.

When homeowners realize they need to take action, many will attempt to fix the problem themselves. Usually, homeowners will resort to buying cleaning products such as bleach to “kill” the mold. The problem with bleach is that bleach actually FEEDS the mold you thought were killing. Ever wonder why the mold just keeps coming back? Tiny little nitrate like compounds are left behind when a surface is cleaned with bleach. These compounds act like fertilizer for the next group of mold spores. Besides, cleaning the surface does not address the root problem. There are products and materials that offer advice and DIY solutions for homeowners but little guarantee that the mold will go away and stay away. The bottom line is, if something needs to be done, it should be done right…the first time. Unless a homeowner wants to spend money on products that may not work, they should get an expert to come out and inspect the property.

MidAmerica Basement Systems will send out an expert who then will provide both an inspection and estimate at no cost to the homeowner. At MidAmerica Basement Systems, mold prevention is a serious matter and the team has professionally trained experts and products that stand out among the competition. Products such as the incomparable SaniDry XP and SaniDry CX will help prevent mold growth. These units are optimal dehumidifiers. The SaniDry can lower the relative humidity in a space by 50 percent! This means that it will help lower humidity levels so that they are too low for mold growth. The SaniDry is also an air filtration unit! The pre-filter is washable and the main filter can filter particles as small as two microns (such as pet dander). SaniDry also has a condensate pump which means the homeowners don’t have to dump water, ever. As long as the filters are cleaned and replaced when needed, there is little maintenance with the SaniDry. The difference between the SaniDry CX and SaniDry XP? The SaniDry XP is a stand up model ideal for basements, whereas the SaniDry CX is a shorter but longer model that fits easily into crawl spaces.

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The added bonus of the SaniDry dehumidifying system is the ENERGY STAR Rating, making SaniDry three times more efficient than common hardware store dehumidifiers. SaniDry not only saves the homeowner the time and money battling reoccurring mold in the home, the SaniDry can also save the homeowner money on their utility bills. If a homeowner is in the market for a dehumidifier to address there mold concerns, the homeowner should call the experts at MidAmerica Basement Systems for a free inspection and estimate today and remedy mold worries once and for all!

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