Is a new Sump Pump in your future?

TripleSafe Sump Pump Welcome to the Midwest where if you don’t like the weather just wait an hour. It’s that funny time of year that leaves us wondering if we need a rain coat or snow boots. Either way all of this could mean disaster for your old sump pump!

When it comes to sump pumps so much has been upgraded and improved and at MidAmerica Basement Systems we pride ourselves on knowing that we offer the best of the best in waterproofing technology.

You may be asking yourself “Why do I need a new sump pump?” Not only does your old sump pump have a higher probability of failing they are also an eye sore and could be keeping you from using your basement space the way you’d like.

What Not to Have:

Pedestal pumps that sit above the floor, plastic pumps and pumps with screened inlets. All of these products are not airtight, they have a low capacity and can hold in heat which means that they will burn out quicker. Sump pumps that have a screen can easily clog which would mean water back up causing the pump to fail.

Profession Suggestions:

MidAmerica Basement Systems offers only the finest equipment when it comes to waterproofing your home. Our most popular sump pump installed in homes is the TripleSafe that holds three pumps in one sump liner, making sure your home is guaranteed to be water free. Not only is your home triple protected, all of our sump pump systems come with a battery backup in case of power loss and a water sensor that will let you know if the water is approaching capacity. It is not enough just to place multiple pumps in a hole and expect the best results. The TripleSafe and the UltraSump have been expertly engineered to make sure they do their job in the most efficient way possible.UltraSump Sump Pump


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