Why should you fix your sinking concrete slab?

Why should you fix your sinking concrete slab - Image 1When you are confronted with a sinking and cracked concrete slab, it is easy to think that this is the worse thing that could happen, however, letting the problem sit without fixing it could lead to more issues. Not only are uneven sidewalks and drive ways ugly to look, at they are also a safety hazard. PolyLevel Injections are a great way to fix uneven sidewalks and driveways.

PolyLevel involves drilling a small hole into your slab and pumping a polyurethane foam under the slab which then lifts and levels the slab.  PolyLevel is a great alternative to Mud Jacking because PolyLevel is a permanent solution whereas mud jacking can easily be washed away with water over time. Replacing concrete can be very pricy as well disruptive, but the real problem with replacing concrete is that it doesn’t actually fix the problem. The problem is the soil under the slab. If you were to replace a concrete slab on the same soil you would have the same problem with the new concrete slab. 

PolyLevel has many advantages. By choosing PolyLevel you can be guaranteed that there will be less holes in you concrete slab making it unnoticeable once the project is complete. PolyLevel is extremely light weight, less than 4lbs per cubic foot, compared to 120lbs for concrete or mud jacking. PolyLevel has a quick cure tie and can be driven over after 15 short minutes. PolyLevel is also waterproof and will not be washed away from the slab in the future. PolyLevel is also environmentally friendly material that will not rot or deteriorate underground. PolyLevel is great for around your pools and patios! It is common to see sinking and settlement around pool decks often due to the sol surrounding the pool walls is only lightly compacted out of fear of doing damage to the pool.

Did you know that PolyLevel is used and trusted by engineers and architects all across North America? It is used on roads and bridges, on heavy structures and industrial buildings and warehouses along with railroads repairs.

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