Five Danger Levels of Radon

Five Danger Levels of Radon:

There are five levels of Radon that can be found in your home. Each level is un-safe and becomes more dangerous as time goes on. The quality of air within your home is very important and should be tested. Enjoying your home means not having to worry about harmful gasses that could be found within you’re the soils surrounding your home, and seeping in.


1. Level One: Toxic Compounds

Toxic compounds are found within and outside of the home. Having a newer home means new carpets, paints, stains, furniture, and much more. Newer items mean they are producing toxic chemicals into the air you and your loved ones will be breathing in for several years to come. Outside of the home, you could be using pesticides and herbicides. Pest destroying chemicals and weed killer herbicides contain toxic compounds that are great for killing insects around your home and your weeds, but they are not great chemicals for you to be breathing in. 


2. Level Two: Infectious Illness

It is that time of year that germs are being spread around from your co-workers and from your kids' classmates at school. The last thing you want to invite into your home is a new virus to share with the family. Once a virus enters your home, it gets into the air distribution and is spread throughout your home, over and over and over.


3. Level Three: Allergens and Particulates

For most people "allergy season" is not a phase and continues year-round for them. Their allergies just change from season to season.  Tree pollen is a common allergy during the warmer season. Allergies still arise during the colder season. Air will migrate through any opening of the home such as window cracks and opening and closing of doorways and combine with pet hair, dust, and smoke, making it an unsafe breathing environment for you and your loved ones.


4. Level Four: Microbial Growth 

Mold is a natural fungus that can be found anywhere and everywhere, especially in homes. Mold can accumulate in areas it should not be in and can reach hazardous toxic levels, leading to health problems for you and your loved ones who are breathing it in. Mold can also form from poor ventilation and from unfinished areas. Mold is a high concern for homeowners, it is also one of the most searched for indoor air quality on the internet. 


5. Level Five: Dangerous Gases

You can find radon and carbon monoxide gasses within your home. These gases are colorless, tasteless, and most importantly not able to be seen. If your house is not tested for these gasses, chances are you will not know you have these gasses within your home until a dangerous impact is taken on your loved ones. High level of exposure to these gases can cause a deadly impact. 


We want to ensure your home is safe for you and your loved ones. Please do not hesitate to reach out to MidAmerica Basement Systems for a radon self-test kit. Call today for a free, no-obligation estimate at 1-888-703-3555, or visit our website at for more information and services we can offer you!

 Above, an active radon mitigation system, pulls the air and gases from below the home, and disperses them into the air above the home where they are less harmful.

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