You've Finished Your Basement- Now What?

You’ve finished your basement- now what?

A finished basement means endless opportunities. Your basement is now a blank slate ready to be filled!

Below are the top 6 uses for finished basement space.


1. Home Gym

New year, new you! That goal of getting into shape will be easier to maintain because the home gym is now just a few steps away. This takes away the hassle of making your way to the gym. This also creates a quiet and comfortable space for you to work out at your own pace with the equipment you prefer to use.


2. Theater Room

A basement is a perfect space to enjoy the latest new movie showing. Having space where you are able to kick back, enjoy without having to worry about any noise disturbance to the upstairs. The space is also completely customizable, so you are able to pick seating that is most comfortable to you and lighting that fits your needs.


3. Man Cave

A popular idea that is easy to fall in love with. A space that is tucked away and used for enjoyment when you need a break from your crazy life schedule. A space that is personalized just for you to be able to kick your feet up and enjoy a break when needed. A pool table, a bar, a comfy couch are the perfect elements for the space!


4. Playroom

Space for kids to be kids! A basement is a perfect space for a playroom. Having a room separate from the child’s bedroom will keep the rest of the home tidier and the room itself will be easier to organize. This also gives a space that the kids can call their own!


5. Basement Bedroom

Take advantage of the extra space in the basement. Have a growing family? Why not use that extra space to your advantage! A basement bedroom would be perfect for your teenager or can be used for an in-law suite.


6. Office

Working remotely in this digital age is becoming a more accessible option. Working from home also comes with different distractions that you would not normally have in the office. Having a quiet space in the home will help keep the distractions to a minimum and keep your focus on your work!


On average, it costs $40-60k less to finish an existing basement space than it does to add an addition to a home.  Contact MidAmerica Basement Systems today at or at 1-800-541-8006. We will send a specialist to give you a FREE, no-obligation estimate for basement finishing.  Let us help harness the limitless potential of finished basement space. 



All basement finishing products utilized by MidAmerica Basement Systems are designed to be energy efficient, and are made of inorganic materials- so they will not mold, warp, or bow if exposed to moisture.


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