Chillicothe Waterproofing System

Stan and Mary have lived in their home for over ten years and they have recently noticed more rain then they use to get which concerned them. They had goals to one day finish the basement but before they could do that they needed to make sure that their basement was going to stay dry. When they contacted MidAmerica Basement Systems they were just looking to see what they needed to have done. Design Specialist Troy Hamilton’s went above and beyond to help them understand all of the issues with their space and how he could help them. After Troy explained the options for the home Stan and Mary decided that ta full water guard perimeter and a sump pump were the best options for them and the equality of their home. The patented WaterGuard system is designed to meet these challenges and keep your basement dry. WaterGuard is engineered not to sit in the dirt so that it does not get clogged by silt and sediment under the floor. The WaterGuard System is applicable to all type of foundations including block and poured concrete, and stone. Along with the WaterGuard system Stan and Mary also had a TripleSafe sump pump. The TripleSafe Sump Pump is a three-pump system that comes with a battery back-up and a WaterWatch Alarm. With the battery back up you can make sure that the pump runs even if you power issues during a storm. The WaterWatch Alarm is to make sure you know if the water gets to high in the pump.