Project Info

Kevin has been living at his home for 26 years but in the last few years he has been having water seeping in through cracks in his basement walls. He called MidAmerica Basement Systems and was setup with our design specialist, Mac McDaniel. Mac had the privilege to assess the home and provide solutions. Because Kevin has mortar walls, Mac recommended that we install a CleanSpace wall system. The CleanSpace System will prevent water vapor which will help prevent that damp, musky feel and because it’s made from inorganic material, mold will not grow. We also installed a WaterGuard System around the perimeter of the basement which will capture any water and channel it to the sump tank. Kevin decided to go with our TripleSafe Sump Pump System. The TripleSafe sump pump system keeps your basement dry with triple the protection. Most sump pumps fail because of either a failed pump, a pump that can't handle high volumes of water or power failure. The TripleSafe assures protection from all three sump pump problems.