Complete Basement Waterproofing in Eldridge, IA

Scott has been living in his home for 20yrs now but for the last 2yrs water has been seeping into his basement through the floor and wall joints. He asked around for a reliable company who would be able to help him solve the problem, he was referred to MidAmerica Basement Systems. Scott was setup with our design specialist, Mac McDaniel. Mac assessed the problem and recommended a complete Waterproofing system with our ThermalDry & CleanSpace Wall System. ThermalDry & CleanSpace system channel water seeping in from the wall down onto the WaterGuard system. They also help keep vapor out of the basement preventing that musky damp feel. ThermalDry also helps insulate the basement with its flexible poly sheet material with "bubble-wrap" on one side and reflective foil on the other. The bubble wrap creates insulating air spaces next to the foundation wall. The foil-faced side of the sheet faces into your basement, reflecting heat back into the living space.