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Leaks in concrete structures are a problem that homeowners have struggled with for decades. Frustrated homeowners and professionals have tried to stop the water and leaking with sealers and patches of various kinds, however they have had no luck. MidAmerica Basement Systems now proudly offers Chemical Injection. Chemical injection is a process in which a special polyurethane resin is injected into a crack hole, joint or another opening in concrete.

First holes are drilled in the wall at a 45-degree angle to cross the crack halfway through the wall. Then, special high-pressure injection ports are securely installed into the wall. Next, the poly resin is pumped into the cracks or joints. The appearance of the sealant on the inside is a positive indication of its migration all the way through the crack. After the resin is pumped into the wall the ports are removed and the holes are filled. For a nice appearance, a cement coating is applied.