Project Info

The homeowner of this larger crawlspace in Edwards wanted the space to be restored. There were numerous utilities and pipes running though the space and the old sump pump and liner did very little in keeping the crawlspace dry. The experts in all things basementy (and crawlspaces too!), MidAmerica Basement Systems, were called. 

With the installation of CleanSpace, we were able to accurately encapsulate the crawl space. CleanSpace also has an anitmicrobial additive that resists mold growth on the liner. With the space now properly sealed, the team also installed the TripleSafe sump pump. TripleSafe has 3 pumps, the 3rd being the systems battery back-up sump pump in cases of power outages. WaterWatch alarm system is also apart of the unit and will warn the homeowner of potential problems.