Crawlspace Encapsulation Seals Off Home for Successful Radon Mitigation System in Buffalo Prairie, IL

Steve and Diane were having concerns with high radon levels reaching 8.1 pCi/L. When they contacted MidAmerica Basement Systems, they were alerted that the main source of entrance was the untreated crawlspace. The first thing that needed to be done was completely sealing off the crawlspace with CleanSpace Liner. The thick liner provides a permanent tear- and puncture-resistant seal so the radon can be effectively pulled out from under the home, and released back into the air. Pulling the radon from underneath the home keeps the safe, radon-free air in, and disburses the harmful gas out. Encapsulating the crawlspace doesn’t only make for an effective radon mitigation system, but also provides a moisture barrier, protecting the rest of the home from moisture and humidity damages. Steve and Diane not only have safer air to breathe, but a home that will last longer as well.