Encapsulating Crawlspace and Waterproofing Basement for Home in East Peoria, IL

Rainfall was beginning to be a pressing concern for Gail. Every time it rained, the basement became wet, and he didn’t know why. Mold had begun growing in the affected areas of the basement causing a terrible smell. He reached out to MidAmerica Basement Systems to have the issue resolved. It was addressed that the reason for a wet basement was due to a wet crawlspace. The exposed ground was causing water to seep in to the crawlspace and overflow into the basement. Using a CleanSpace encapsulation process to completely and permanently seal off the crawlspace would eliminate the wet, moldy issue in the basement. CleanSpace Matting and Liner, SilverGlo, and vent covers were installed in the crawlspace to affectively encapsulate the area form the exposed ground. A TripleSafe sump and WaterGuard was installed near the crawlspace to collect and discharge the water from under the encapsulation and keep both areas dry.