Helical Piers Stabilize Foundation Settlement for Home in Coralville, IA

Caleb was growing concerned, he was noticing that a groundhog was digging tunnels in his crawlspace, making the area wet and constantly damp. When he reached out to MidAmerica Basement Systems to have the crawlspace waterproofed, it became a bigger issue than he thought. The crawlspace had actually become washed away from long exposed, causing the foundation of his home to settle. He was offered a Helical Pier system to help stabilize the foundation, and keep it from worsening. Helical piers are driven deep into the ground to a stable bedrock, and then the weight of the home is shifted onto each bracket to support the home. Once on the bracket, the helical piers use a hydraulic system to attempt to lift the home back to its original position. Now that Caleb’s foundation is safe and stable, he can continue to properly address the untreated crawlspace.