Leaking Basement Causes Mold Growth in Peru, IL

Michael has always had a leaking basement, but because he never worried about it, he left it unattended. One day he was in the basement and noticed a strange smell. After investigating, he realized the smell was coming from mold growth. He contacted MidAmerica Basement Systems to have a waterproofing system installed. During inspection, the mold issue was addressed due to the leaking basement. Mold was feeding off the moisture that was left untreated. WaterGuard and a TripleSafe were suggested to address the water issue. WaterGuard will collect any water that enters the basement, preventing it from pooling and taking the main source of “food” for the mold. Once water is collected, it is directed to the TripleSafe, where it is properly discharged, keeping the basement dry. A dry basement will help protect Michael’s home from growing new mold.