Project Info

Lori has a smaller home with a crawlspace. The dirt floors make it very difficult to access the water heater and furnace to change the filters. She reached out to MidAmerica Basement Systems to have the crawlspace repaired. Mac offered her a CleanSpace encapsulation to keep the air dry and sealed off from the dirt. CleanSpace Drainage Matting was laid across the dirt floor and SilverGlo insulation was placed along the walls. SilverGlo insulates the area to make it more energy efficient for the area. CleanSpace liner is then installed to permanently seal off the moisture from the exposed ground, also providing a clean look. A SmartSump and SaniDry Sedona were installed to properly discharge any water that entered under the home and to keep the humidity levels under control. Lori no longer dreads changing her furnace filter, knowing she does not have to worry about wet and damp dirt.