Leaking Foundation Crack Injects FlexiSpan in Cedar Rapids, IA

Over the years, the ground under John’s home had settled, causing the home to slightly shift and cause foundation cracks. At first the cracks didn’t cause any issues, and then during heavy rains, some water would seep in. John let the cracks be, after all, the water that did seep in, wasn’t causing a wet floor. Yet. One day he was doing laundry and noticed a large wet spot on the floor near the crack, he knew it was time to fix the issue. He contacted MidAmerica Basement Systems for help. Adao injected the crack with a FlexiSpan sealant to stop water from seeping into the basement. FlexiSpan is a high-viscosity polyurethane polymer that seeps deep into the crack, permanently bonding the area. The unique flexibility of the sealant allows for movement so the crack will never dry or split during the freeze-thaw and wet-dry cycles, and stops the crack from worsening.