Project Info

This homeowner in Cedar rapid really wanted to brighten their dark, cold basement. They wanted natural light to flood the basement, while avoiding any flooding of water through the window. Faced with this dilemma, they decided to call on the experts at MIdAmerica Basement Systems. An expert came out and explained that MidAmerica Basement has a window system that will not only allow for tons of natural light, but that would also be encapsulated to prevent leaks and more. The expert was able to give the homeowners a free inspection and free quote. Excited for the finished project, the homeowners agreed and the MidAmerica team began the transformation. 

First, the team excavated the soil around the area where the new window system would be installed. The team opened up the size to allow for the larger StakWel window. The StakWel window was then encapsulated with the SunHouse. The SunHouse has a sturdy clear lid that allows for plenty of natural light. The SunHouse window dressing also keeps weed growth, debris and rain at bay. The light coming in bounces off the SunHouse's clean white bottom that is sure to create a brighter, warmer and more welcoming basement.