Transformed Crawl Space in East Moline, IL

The homeowner of this crawl space in East Moline wanted his space to be cleaned of debris and insulated. So he called the experts at Midamerica Basement Systems and they were able to completely encapsulate and improve the space. The team installed a dimpled polyethylene membrane drainage matting on the crawl space floor to create an air space for water to flow to a drain or sump system. Over the matting, CleanSpace installed to fully seal the crawl space. CleanSpace is specially designed to be strong, durable and mold resistant. To insulate the space, saving the homeowner money on their energy bills, the team installed SilverGlo on the walls. SilverGlo is a foil backed, thick foam panel that is impregnated with graphite to accurately keep the space insulated. The completed project is a beautifully encapsulated and insulated space.