Water Invasion Fixed for Basement in Davenport, IA

Amy M. from Davenport was fed up with her leaky basement. She called the experts at MidAmerica Basement Systems and explained that she had a crack that was leaking, she also noticed water coming in around an egress and believed that there may be water coming in from other places as well. Amy told the team that someone recommended that she use "basement paint" but was frustrated because it was not working. Exacerbated by the water invasion, she called the MidAmerica Basement Systems professionals and expressed that she just wanted a dry basement!

The team removed bottom sections of the basement walls, where water damage was evident, and installed strips of CleanSpace liner to help direct the leaks coming from the egress and wall to the perimeter drainage system. The team installed WaterGuard as the perimeter drainage system to drain wall leaks to the newly installed SuperSump pump system. The WaterGuard also has a WaterGuard port for access to the system. SuperSump comes equipped with an airtight lid, airtight drain, Zoeller cast iron pump, CleanPump stand, WaterWatch alarm system and more. The team installed a discharge line from the egress window well and connected the discharge line to the RainChute to carry water away from the basement. Amy finally has a dryer basement!