Project Info

This basement in Morton had some issues with water coming into the space, specifically from the foundation walls. The homeowner called MidAmerica Basement Systems and they sent an expert out to provide a free inspection and estimate to resolve their concerns. The homeowner liked the game plan the expert laid out before them, answered any questions, and then after  the team got to work!

The team lined the walls with CleanSpace liners. CleanSpace will keep moisture from the walls at bay by draining the water to the perimeter drainage system. The drainage system that is used by MidAmerica is the patented WaterGuard. The CleanSpace is tucked behind the WaterGuard, and water caught behind the CleanSpace will drain to the WaterGuard which will direct it to the sump pump. The sump pump that was installed is the SuperSump. The SuperSump comes with an airtight lid which is critical when trying to keep moisture levels down and keeping debris out of the pump. The SuperSump comes with the CleanPump Stand, keeping it debris free from the bottom. The SuperSump also comes with the WaterWatch alarm system which warn the homeowner of rising water levels in the pump. This "heads up" keeps the homeowner informed of issues that may arise. 

MidAmerica is happy to have provided this homeowner with a basement that is more protected and healthier!