Project Info

Homeowner Karen was concerned with the way her basement walls looked and the amount of humidity she had. She feared of mold and the quality of her home. When she contacted MidAmerica Basement Systems she was just interested to see what we had to offer for her space. She met with Design Specialist Joe Sarb to learn about all of the options for her basement and why she really needed them. Her exposed walls were an issue and were damp. To keep the moisture from her home she needed a SaniDry Sedona dehumidifier. The SaniDry Sedona is dehumidification system that is used to keep the moisture out of you home. It is set to a certain humidity and the system pulls the moisture out of the air. The great thing about the SaniDry is that there is no need to empty the water out of it, the SaniDry will drain itself. With the SaniDry, she also had CleanSpace walls installed. The CleanSpace is a very thick liner that can be used on walls and in crawlspaces to keep water out.