Waterproofing in Waterloo, IA

Homeowner Sandie contacted MidAmerica Basement Systems when her crawlspace under her home started to leak and take on more water then ever before. He used to use that space as storage or her things that she did not use year-round. After the water she was afraid to put her belongs down there. She was looking for a way to keep her home dry. After meeting with a Design Specialist, she learned that it was best to have a waterproofing system installed in her crawlspace along with a SaniDry Sedona. The WaterGuard System is a full perimeter WaterGuard system that will keep the water out of the home, the water will flow through the WaterGuard system and channel its self out of the him.  CleanSpace is added to the walls to keep everything dry and the SaniDry Sedona is a high powered dehumidify that will make sure you are not at risk for mold.