Waterproofing Rescues Basement in Clinton, IA

The homeowner of this leaky basement in Clinton was plagued with water coming in from varying parts of their basement. Sometimes the water was coming in from the wall, other times the water was rising from the ground leaving a frustrated homeowner. Finally fed up with chasing waterfalls, the homeowner called MidAmerica Basement Systems and soon an expert was out to inspect the home. The expert provided a solution that would address all of the homeowners concerns.

The team installed WaterGuard as the perimeter drainage system to direct wall leaks to the TripleSafe sump pump. TripleSafe is a patented sump pump designed to keep basements dry all the time. IceGuard was also installed to protect the basement during harsh winter months. If a pipe freezes, which is quite common, the IceGuard will eject water away form the foundation walls.  

After the project was complete, the homeowner has not reported any issues of water leaking or rising. When it rains, it pours..but not for this Clinton homeowner.