Project Info

For 30 plus years, the basement of the Historic LeClaire Hotel was left unattended. This caused for many pressing concerns to not only those who live in the now LeClaire Apartments. Inches of mold and mildew had grown, leaving an overpowering smell throughout the building. Wooden and metal doors were left to rot and corrode, concrete blocks left to crumble, and a layer of iron ocher covered the floor. MidAmerica Basement Systems was contacted to produce a solution to the leaking, and wet basement. WaterGuard IOS, Trench Drains, CleanSpace Liner, and 5 SuperSumps were offered as the solution. With the multiple systems working together, the basement of the Historic LeClaire Hotel will now be a longer-lasting building. Standing water is no longer an issue in the basement, significantly reducing the growth of mold and mildew. Doors and walls will stay intact longer, leaving the building safer to live in and extending the life of the building itself.