Many people have perished due to an inability to escape their basement during a fire or other emergency. In other heartbreaking stories, fire fighters have also paid the ultimate sacrifice by attempting to save a person trapped in the basement. The amount of incidents of people unable to escape continued to rise, eventually grabbing the attention of the nation, prompting immediate action. 

Most basements typically only have one way in and out. Albeit before people began to realize how dangerous having only one exit in the basement actually is. So began the push for a permanent solution. So what was the proposed solution? Egress Windows. At first, some proposed to have every single basement fitted with an egress window. After much debate, some area building codes were passed stating that if a basement is converted into a living space (such as a bedroom or apartment) an egress window must be installed for safety regulations.

All in all, egress windows are an exceptional way to add light and warmth into any basement. However, the most important aspect extends beyond aesthetics, a second means of escape.

Here are some benefits of egress windows and StakWEL window well systems offered at MidAmerica basement Systems.

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