Basement & Crawl Space Waterproofing 

MidAmerica Basement Systems is your trusted local provider for basement and crawl space waterproofing in Davenport. Without a properly installed, professional vapor barrier, you are placing your home at risk for all types of water-related damage. If moisture is allowed to infiltrate your home, you could be dealing with things like mold and mildew growth, wood rot and subsequent structural issues, pest infestations, and more. Thankfully, there is an easy solution to protect your property from moisture!

For areas like basements and crawl spaces, keeping things dry is essential. When water gets in, either through leaks in windows, cracks in the concrete, or some other way, it tends to accumulate with nowhere to go. It can eat away at your walls, wooden beams and joists, and flooring. Vapor barriers are a simple way to prevent water from entering your home by sealing off the area using heavy-duty, reinforced liners or thermal liners. Here at MidAmerica Basement Systems, we use both the ThermalDry® Wall basement radiant wall barrier and the CleanSpace® Crawl Space Vapor Barrier for homes in the Davenport area. Each has its own unique properties, and one of our experienced technicians can tell you what is best in your home. Based on the condition of your crawl space or your basement, we will recommend the most suitable products for your needs.

A quality vapor barrier will dramatically reduce the levels of moisture allowed to enter your home, and thus improve your air quality and energy efficiency as well. When you take this important step to protect your home from water infiltration, you can enjoy the peace of mind you deserve.

MidAmerica Basement Systems is proud to offer some of the best vapor barrier installation services in Davenport, installed by our friendly, experienced team. Want to learn more about how a vapor barrier can save your home from costly damage and lower your energy bills? Reach out and schedule your free estimate today!

The carpet had been stripped due to the water damage, and the walls showed the wear. The new waterproofing system means the carpet can once again be laid, this time without fear of further water damage. With a new SuperSump, UltraSump, WaterGuard and CleanSpace, MidAmerica Systems patented products are sure to take care of the job.