Slab settlement is commonly found everywhere. It happens when the soil below can no longer support the weight of the slab, due to moisture in the soil, wash-outs, or poorly compacted fill soil. Why should it be fixed? Well, there are a handful of reasons: the problem will only get worse, resale value goes down, appearance, safety hazards, pooling water and water intrusion, and structural damage, are just to name a few.

One possible way to fix unlevel slabs is concrete replacement. Let’s face it. Who wants to go through the long process of demolition, laying of the new concrete, and then an even longer wait for it to cure? No one. Another option is mudjacking. Mudjacking uses a series of 2-3” holes along the grid of the slab, which are than filled with heavy cement slurry (which is roughly 120 lbs. per cubic foot) to fill the void, and again you have to wait several days for it to cure.

Or, you can use the PolyLEVEL System. The PolyLEVEL System is a new state of the art approach to repair sinking, unlevel slabs. It is similar to mudjacking but uses modern knowledge and technology to raise slabs. High-density polymers are injected into tiny holes (about the size of a penny) that effortlessly lifts and raises slabs back to a level state.

The best part? Quick cure time! PolyLEVEL is ready to take on any sized loads within the hour of installation. PolyLEVEL has a lifting force of 2,000 to 4,000 pounds per square foot, making lifting heavy structures a breeze, while weighing less than 4 pounds per cubic foot. It can be injected to fix all types of concrete leveling: driveways, sidewalks, patios and pool decks, stoops, porches, concrete steps, interior floor slabs, and additions.

If you have any questions or concerns about leveling your concrete slab(s), contact Us today to schedule your free estimate. Don’t waste your time waiting for days on end for new concrete or mudjacking to cure. Have it completed and ready to access in as little as one day with PolyLEVEL from MidAmerica Basement Systems!