It's starting to get colder in the Midwest. This means people everywhere are turning their furnaces on to stay warm during the coldest season of the year. To make your whole house warmer, and lower your energy bill, it's time to start thinking about basement insulation products. Some are better than others. For instance, fiber glass insulation can get wet and mold, making it less efficient and causing basement odor. 

MidAmerica Basement Systems offers a variety of basement insulation products for your basement or crawlspace. Products are designed with a variety of choices in mind, whether or not you plan to finish the basement in the future. A few of the basement wall options are listed below.

ThermalDry Wall Radiant Vapor Barrier is an inorganic, waterproof, radiant heat barrier. It reflects the heat back into your basement - up to 97% of it, meaning less needs to be exerted by your furnace. It can prepare the walls for basement finishing, but it's okay to leave it exposed. It has a silver, reflective quality.

Basement to Beautiful Panels are equipped with SilverGlo, a graphite-infused insulation, and metal studs. They lead the industry with an R-13 insulation rating, and are waterproof and mold resistant. The energy efficient panels are more than 24% more energy efficient than foam paneling! SilverGlo technology is also available to insulate your crawlspace.

ZenWall insulated panels, pictured to the left, are designed for an unfinished basement. ZenWall is made of a durable material, that offers a white or beige option. It protects walls against water, and insulates the walls, making the space up to 10 degrees warmer. 

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