How Do I Lower Radon Levels

How Do I Lower Radon Levels

Lower Radon Levels by Installing a Radon Mitigation System

If your home tests for any level of radon exposure, you and your family are at risk. A radon mitigation system is the best way to ensure the health and safety of your home.

Our Radon mitigation system penetrates your home's foundation and eliminates radon from around it. A fan will generate suction to remove the gas from the dirt enclosing the house. Then, it exhausts the radon into the air outside your home, where it's no longer dangerous. 

Your installation experts must conduct radon testing to guarantee a strong seal around the mitigation system. They must ensure that no leaks are invading your house.

MidAmerica Basement Systems, your local radon team in Iowa and Illinois, will test and mitigate the gas levels in your home with certified expertise. Contact us today to make sure your home is safe from radon.

How Radon Invades Your Home

Because it's a gas, radon can get through even the most minor cracks in your foundation. Commonly, radon enters by the stack effect, which essentially sucks it directly into your home through the floor.

Since the pressure differs inside and outside of your home, it creates a vacuum. When warm air rises, it makes its way out of the house, replaced by air from outside.

The outside air quickly builds up, especially in cool weather and when windows are closed. This process leads to dangerous radon build-up. You can't detect how much radon is present without professional equipment, which is why every homeowner needs to have frequent checkups done.

Radon Testing

How Radon Toxicity is Determined

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has defined 4.0 pCi/L as the required level for action for any indoor setting. Any test readings 4.0 pCi/L and above must be mitigated, and the radon levels must be immediately reduced.

The EPA estimates .4 pCi/L as the national average for the outdoor air, while 1.5 pCi/L is the national average for the indoor air. Though these averages seem relatively low, even 1.5 pCi/L could be problematic. Radon that's trapped in smaller spaces becomes more concentrated.

The safest way to ensure that you aren't exposed to any radon level is to rely on a radon mitigation system. At MidAmerica Basement Systems, our trusted solution constantly works to keep your home safe.

Contact MidAmerica Basement Systems today to learn more.


Understanding Radon Levels

To understand a radon reading, you must learn the measuring method. Let's compare some figures.

  • Exposure to 1 pCi/L daily is equal to 2.5 cigarettes.
  • The radiation in a 4.0 pCi/L level of radon is equal to the radiation from 100 chest x-rays.
  • Most clinics only permit patients to receive four chest x-rays annually. 
  • Four x-rays are only equivalent to .64 pCi/L of radon exposure.

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