What Causes Foundation Problems

What Causes Foundation Problems

Discover the Causes of Foundation Problems

If your Peoria home is suffering from settlement sinking or foundation wall cracks, it is an indication that the soil underneath your home isn’t capable of supporting the weight. This can cause the foundation to settle and lead to structural issues for your home.

It is important to understand why the soil under your home’s foundation isn’t capable of supporting the weight of your home. The soil will expand and contract based on the changing moisture levels that naturally occur with varying weather conditions. During a rainstorm, the soil expands beyond its original size due to water saturation. The opposite occurs in the dry weather, where the soil contracts, becoming smaller. As this cycle of expansion and contraction takes place, voids are created, causing the soil to become weak and foundation settlement sinking to begin at your Peoria home.

There are several symptoms that you may notice that indicate problems for your Peoria home, including settlement sinking and foundation wall cracks.

These symptoms include:

  • Wall cracks: These can occur outside or inside your home, either large cracks or small hairline cracks.
  • Sticking doors and windows: Foundation settlement puts pressure on your home, making your doors and windows difficult to open.
  • Uneven floors: Bouncy or uneven floors can be a symptom of settlement sinking or foundation damage.
  • Tilting chimney: Your home’s chimney can separate from your house because of soil settlement.
  • Bowing walls: You may notice your basement walls are buckling or bowing due to the pressure from foundation damage.

It is important to repair these issues as soon as possible to prevent further damage to your home. MidAmerica Basement Systems has the experts to examine and recommend the best method for foundation wall crack repair and settlement sinking for your Peoria home. Contact us today for a free quote!

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