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We are proud to now offer GutterShutter installation in Peoria and the surrounding areas! These days, our homes are smarter than ever. From countertop devices that write up our grocery lists to video doorbells that watch our porches, the technology we’ve used to update our homes and enhance our lives has grown exponentially over the last decades. Why, then, are we not focusing a similar amount of energy on the structures that take care of our home from the outside? 

When you get right down to it, residential rain gutters have remained largely unchanged for hundreds of years. If you're in need of a rain gutter installation or replacement, you may think not much has changed for years. Have we really perfected water management to the point where it can’t be improved? The team at GutterShutter said, “no, we can improve gutters for modern homes,” which is why we install their maintenance-free GutterShutter systems in Peoria area homes!

Benefits of the GutterShutter System

GutterShutter is a fully maintenance-free system designed to make the life of every homeowner a little easier. It all starts with three main parts: the vented hood, the trough, and the end caps.

As water flows over the vented hood, some of it trickles down through those small vent holes, but the majority is trapped in the trough as it runs over the rounded edge of the hood. As surface tension forces the water over the edge and into the trough, any sticks, leaves, and other debris just falls onto the ground! GutterShutter’s patented end caps affix the hood to the trough, ensuring the two pieces never bend, pull apart, or warp with time which would allow space for debris to enter.

The entire system is created with a specially designed high back to protect your fascia board. These are the boards that run lengthwise beneath the eaves of your roof, and with standard gutters, water can often escape behind the system and cause the boards to rot. GutterShutter effectively protects these boards and attaches to your home using specialized GutterStuds. These studs provide added strength to ensure your new gutters will never separate from your home with age.

GutterShutter Installation in Peoria

Keeping your home safe and healthy means protecting it at every level from the damaging effects of water. At MidAmerica Basement Systems, we want to protect your home from the ground up, and one of the best ways to do that is with an effective gutter system. Properly managing rainwater and directing it away from your home is the one of the best ways to ensure the long-term safety of your foundation and basement.

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Installing GutterShutter