Traditional mudjacking can create holes up to 3 inches in size when attempting to lift and level sunken concrete slabs. Not to mention trying to fill those holes with a mixture that doesn’t even match the original color. With the modern knowledge and technology, PolyLevel has become the most affective alternative to mudjacking. When PolyLevel was first introduced, the amazing 5/8 inch hole size had made the visual appearance of the hole almost unnoticeable, and the color match to the original concrete almost an exact match!

It didn’t stop there. The injection ports used for PolyLevel are now 3/8 inch in diameter! What doesn’t seem like much is the biggest difference of all. It will make searching for these holes a lot harder after the Poly Crew has completed the work. Smaller holes also mean the color difference from between the old and the new concrete will be next to unnoticeable.

It not only benefits the homeowners, but the installation crews as well. The head of the ports are now compatible with GX-7 injection guns. It greatly reduces the chance of PolyLevel seeping out of the port hole, reducing the amount of PolyLevel being wasted. Making installation quicker and cleanup easier!

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Poly Port 1
Poly Port 2