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MidAmerica Basement Systems helps homeowners within the Quad Cities live worry-free of radon. Our company provides Free Estimates for radon removal and radon mitigation systems in your home. One of our radon mitigation specialists will set-up an appointment that is convenient to visit with you.

During our consultation, we will conduct a Structural Analysis and Design Survey with you, detailing all the fine points of what goes into a successful mitigation system. Contact us today if you live in Cedar Rapids, Peoria, Waterloo, Davenport and need a free quote!

Radon Mitigation System Installation

Here at MidAmerica Basement Systems, our radon technicians are exclusively trained in the best practices for properly installing radon mitigation systems. Our mitigation systems pull radon from your home and redirect the gas outside, away from your home. Each of our contractors is licensed to perform all radon services and comply with all the radon gas industry's recommended practices to ensure the highest quality solutions have been provided.

Each radon mitigation system design is custom depending on the structure of your specific home generally categorized according to the foundation design. To determine the proper radon mitigation system for your home the presence of a basement, crawl space, or slab can slightly alter the system. The following procedures are taken in most instances:

Common Radon Mitigation Procedures

Radon mitigation system

Radon mitigation systems bring radon safely out of your home through pipes.

As noted above, these procedures vary slightly depending on the type of system installed.

  • Forces need to be redirected from the "stack effect." The stack effect draws air from beneath your home and up into your living space. Depressurizing the soil beneath the structure allows for the radon gas to be redirected.
  • The radon gas is redirected. A hole is drilled into the slab, crawl space, or surrounding earth to create a suction point (sometimes more than one suction point is needed). The radon gas is vented through a PVC pipe that is connected to the hole. The pipe can be installed through the house or outside. Some newer homes have radon control systems installed that run through the home.
  • The radon gas is vented out, away from your home. The pipe is connected to a fan in the attic or to the top of the structure for proper ventilation.
  • Radon entry points are sealed. To resist gas entry, cracks are sealed using a urethane caulking compound.
  • A final system checklist is performed. The checklist makes sure the system adheres to US EPA Radon Mitigation Standards. Proper system labeling and proper fan installation are checked, as well as other key steps.
  • Retesting for radon. Retesting is done within 30 days of the system installation to ensure the system is working effectively.

Don't let radon gas threaten you and your loved ones, contact us for radon removal and a high-performance mitigation system. Call 1-844-218-0509 or contact us today to schedule a radon test or receive a free radon mitigation system quote today! MidAmerica Basement Systems can offer a variety of payment options for your convenience.

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