For years MidAmerica Basement Systems has proudly offered top of the line Concrete Lifting and Level Services. Now MidAmerica Basement Systems is excited to offer a Concrete Sealant that will prevent future damage to the concrete around your home.

Sealant Pro is a concrete sealer that adds a protective layer to your home. SealantPro's active ingredients penetrate deeply into concrete pores. Once there they combine with the chemicals in the concrete to create a strong, colorless, permanent barrier that won't wash away or weaken over time.

The results of having SealantPro will mean a longer lifespan to the concrete around your home.SealantPro will help keep you concrete safe in all seasons protecting your home against mold, salt, and other chemicals that may get on your driveway. The seal procures in less than six hours and completely clear. Along with creating a permanent seal the SealantPro also can help by repelling moisture making ice removal easier.