At MidAmerica Basement Systems we are the experts in fixing your damages, cracked and sinking concrete slabs. We are so excited to offer a way to prevent future damage by permanently protecting your concrete surfaces. SealantPro is a protective concrete sealer that is applied in just one easy application.

SealantPros active ingredients infiltrate the pore of the concrete and chemically combine with elements in the concrete. This creates a strong, colorless and permanent barrier that will not wash away. By doing this you can be guaranteed a longer concrete lifespan. Sealant Pro makes concrete surfaces resistant to liquid staining from things like oil, gasoline, and other fluids. This will not affect the look of your concrete and it will create a long-term solution and will never need to be reapplied. The SealantPro can be applied in a variety of conditions and also allows maximum moisture to escape from under the concrete.

To have SealantPro products added to your home first the MidAmerica Basement Systems team will come to your home to lift and level the concrete slabs to make sure that your poured concrete slabs are at their highest quality. After the lifting and leveling of the concrete, the joints of the slabs will be sealed with NexusPro. The NexusPro is used to seal concrete slab joints and also repair cracks. The NexusPro prevents from water weakening the supporting soil and can also protect against hard weather. Once the driveway is lifted and the joints are sealed the SealantPro is used to coat the driveway to protect the concrete for the long term.

SealantPro Concrete Sealant Services. - Image 1
SealantPro Concrete Sealant Services. - Image 2