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#9 Dealer in Total Basement Finishing
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25 Years as a BBB Accredited Business
Certificate from the Better Business Bureau celebrating 25 years as an accredited business.... [Read more]
#4 Dealer in the World for CabonArmor 2016
MidAmerica Basement Systems was the #4 dealer in the world for CarbonArmor in 2016. CarbonArmor is one of our many... [Read more]
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Basement Waterproofing & Crawl Space Repair in Cedar County, Iowa

Water in the basement or crawl space leads to mold, rot, musty odors and structural issues. It also leads to a reoccurring headache for you. Luckily, our trained experts are available to permanently fix the problem.

We will properly install a hidden drainage system in your Cedar basement and completely encapsulate your crawl space with CleanSpace vapor barrier. We are here to solve the problem for you.

Why Choose Us?
  • Lifetime Warranty on all Perimeter Waterproofing Systems
  • 25-year Warranty on Crawl Space Encapsulation Systems
  • Sump Pump Installation, Repair & Replacement
  • Basement, Crawl Space & Spray Foam Insulation
  • Bowing Basement Wall Repair
  • Basement Egress Windows
  • Crawl Space & Basement Dehumidifiers
  • Hundreds of Satisfied Customers

Basement Finishing & Remodeling in Cedar County, Iowa

Waterproofing your basement prevents outside water from coming in but what if a pipe bursts or the water heater leaks inside the home. A newly finished basement done by your average contractor will mold and rot if there is an internal leak. You'll have to tear out your new basement! We fix this issue.

Our Products Include :
  • Waterproof, washable, insulated walls           
  • Mold-Resistant, No-Sag suspended ceiling
  • Modular carpet, tile & faux wood flooring

  • Energy-efficient, double-paned basement windows
  • Attractive Sunhouse basement window wells
  • French, bifold, louvre & six-paneled steel doors
Unlike the average Cedar contractor we use completely inorganic, waterproof materials. Even if the basement floods your walls and floors will not be damaged by the water. These waterproof products are patented and are built to create an attractive finished basement that lasts a lifetime.

Structural & Foundation Repair in Cedar County

Foundation problems such as bowing foundation walls destroy your Cedar home’s value and can be dangerous. Our in-house team of structural and geo-technical engineers are here to help. We design and install the right solution and usually have the project finished in less than a week. You will have peace of mind as we provide a 25-year written warranty against defects on our foundation products.

We Fix
  • Bowing Foundation Walls
  • Sagging Floors
  • Stair-Step Cracks
  • Tilting Chimneys  
  • Foundation Cracks
  • Garage Slabs   
We Use
  • Wall Anchors
  • Slab Piers
  • I-Beam Wall Braces
  • Helical Deck Piers
  • Sticking Windows
  • Underpinning

PolyLevel™ Concrete Leveling & Lifting

The sunken and cracked concrete around your Cedar home is both an eyesore and a safety hazard. It is also likely to get worse, but we can fix it for you.

Our experts use PolyLevel, a superior polyurethane foam. Small holes are drilled in the concrete, the foam is injected and the expanding foam lifts the concrete. The majority of contractors you will call use mudjacking instead of foam. Mudjacking is heavier, require larger holes in the concrete and does not last as long as PolyLevel. Call us today to learn more.

We Fix
  • Cracked Driveways
  • Uneven Patios
  • Sinking Sidewalks      

  • Uneven Concrete
  • Sunken Pool Decks
  • Highway & Commercial Issues


Job Stories From Cedar County, IA
No Bowing in Durant, IA

The homeowner of the basement in Durant has been concerned with the condition of his foundation walls. They have been carrying the weight of their foundation walls, trying quick fixes to stabilize the structure but to no avail. In need of a reliable solution once and for all and so they called the experts at MidAmerica Basement Systems. The team came out to inspect the severity of the space and after a thorough investigation, the homeowners were presented with a game plan and a quote the same day.

The homeowners’ foundation walls were bowing and to remedy the situation, the team installed the PowerBrace I-beam system. PowerBrace is a patented system that allows for tightening, which means that not only will the system stabilize the structure but actually improve the structure over time. PowerBraces are zinc-plated in accordance with the American Society for Testing and Materials. PowerBrace has a clean-cut appearance and is professionally installed by experts that have been specially trained to install these systems.

The installation of the PowerBrace system has taken a load off the homeowners’ shoulders!

No Bowing in Durant, IA - Photo 1No Bowing in Durant, IA - Photo 2No Bowing in Durant, IA - Photo 3No Bowing in Durant, IA - Photo 4No Bowing in Durant, IA - Photo 5
Water Damaged Basement Rescued in West Branch, IL

The homeowner was not pleased with this basement in West Branch and decided to give the professionals at MidAmerica Basement Systems a ring.

The team installed the reliable and patented SuperSump. The SuperSump comes with features that make it stand above the rest, such as the CleanPump Stand which keeps the pumps above debris. The air tight lid allows water to go down but does not allow water vapor to rise out of the sump pump. SuperSump pump comes with an alarm, WaterWatch, that will sound off if an issues arises. 

The foundation walls were lined with CleanSpace. The specialized CleanSpace liners have 7 layers of different types of materials that make the liner strong and flexible. CleanSpace has UltraFresh, an antimicrobial additive that keeps mold growth at bay. 

The CleanSpace was then tucked into the perimeter drainage system, WaterGuard. WaterGuard is designed to carry wall leaks and ground water to the SuperSump helping to keep the basement leak free. 

Altogether, these systems work to give these homeowners the dry, usable space they’ve always wanted!

Water Damaged Basement Rescued in West Branch, IL - Photo 1Water Damaged Basement Rescued in West Branch, IL - Photo 2Water Damaged Basement Rescued in West Branch, IL - Photo 3Water Damaged Basement Rescued in West Branch, IL - Photo 4Water Damaged Basement Rescued in West Branch, IL - Photo 5
Waterproofing a Leaky Basement in Durant, IA

Homeowners Mick and Ruth in Durant wanted to waterproof their basement from consistent leaks so they contacted the professionals at MidAmerica Basement Systems. The team waterproofed the basement by installing WaterGuard perimeter drainage system and sump pump royalty, TripleSafe. Now Mick and Ruth no longer fret about leaks in their basement!

Waterproofing a Leaky Basement in Durant, IA - Photo 1Waterproofing a Leaky Basement in Durant, IA - Photo 2Waterproofing a Leaky Basement in Durant, IA - Photo 3
Waterproofing in Durant, IA

Ben and Amanda S. of Durant needed to waterproof their basement to stop water from flooding. The unfinished basement doubles as a laundry room, and the homeowners found the water invasion inconvenient, not to mention a hazard for creating mold. They called design specialist Joe Sarb for a free estimate and a solution to their basement waterproofing problem.

Among the products installed in the Durant basement were the the TripleSafe sump pump and IceGuard. The TripleSafe sump pump is a top-of-the-line sump pump that has dual pumping action. The first pump runs when there's a little bit to an average amount of water to pump out. The second pump runs when there is a lot of water to pump out, and it runs in conjunction with the first pump. It has a backup battery, and it also includes an alarm for when water levels are high in the pump. IceGuard is a product that is placed on the discharge lines, so that water can still be pumped out of the basement and away from the foundation even in cold conditions where the pipe may freeze. The homeowners are very pleased with their now-dry basement. 

Waterproofing in Durant, IA - Photo 1Waterproofing in Durant, IA - Photo 2
Iowa City Home's Basement Waterproofing

Amanda of Iowa City, IA noticed water in her basement. The water appeared to be coming in through windows and floor joints. She called MidAmerica Basement Systems and met with her design specialist. After a careful investigation, she had a custom designed solution that included sub-floor drainage system, WaterGuard, a TripleSafe Sump Pump, and SunHouse Window Well Covers protecting her basement for water that may try to come in the windows. 

The new basement waterproofing system is keeping Amanda's home dry, and the space usable. 

Iowa City Home's Basement Waterproofing - Photo 1Iowa City Home's Basement Waterproofing - Photo 2Iowa City Home's Basement Waterproofing - Photo 3Iowa City Home's Basement Waterproofing - Photo 4Iowa City Home's Basement Waterproofing - Photo 5
SuperSump Installed in Bennett, IA Home

Devin E. of Bennett, IA was noticing water in his basement. He called the specialists at MidAmerica Basement Systems and had mentioned that water was seeping in from the concrete floor. Upon inspection, Mike “Mac” McDaniel proposed that Devin have a SuperSump pump and WaterGuard installed to help manage the water issue in his basement. Water no longer collects in Devin’s basement.

SuperSump Installed in Bennett, IA Home - Photo 1
Preventing Freezing Sump Pump Lines in Clarence, IA

Roger has always had a sump pump, but wasn’t happy with the fact that it would wash away his landscape when the water was pumped out of his home. He reached out to MidAmerica Basement Systems to have a discharge line installed, to help protect his landscape. He was not only offered a line that would be installed under the ground, making it unnoticeable to the eyes, but was also offered IceGuard, IceGuard is a patented product that prevents the lines from freezing during the cold seasons, preventing backups in the basement. Now Roger has lovely landscape that won’t be damaged by a discharging sump pump.

Egress Window in West Branch, IA

This homeowner had their basement waterproofed by MidAmerica Basement Systems. They were so pleased with the job we did that they contacted us again to have an egress window installed in their basement. Our crew leader, Karl had the pleasure of doing the installation work for the customer.

Egress Window in West Branch, IA - Photo 1
Basement Window WellDuct Installation in West Branch, IA

When a basement window well fills with water during wet weather, water can easily leak around the window. WellDuct is a low-profile drainage channel that connects the base of the window well to an interior drainage system. When you have a WellDuct installed, you never need to worry about a wall of water building up against your basement windows.

Basement Window WellDuct Installation in West Branch, IA - Photo 1
ICE Guard in Lowden, IA

Kathy has lived in her home for the last ten years and for the last year when it rains, she would get water in her basement.  She would love to have a finished basement someday. To get that accomplished, she knew she would need to first waterproof the basement. After she had her home waterproofed, she decided to have an ICE Guard sump pump discharge line system installed. The ICE Guard system allows water to escape from a sump pump discharge line if the pipe freezes or becomes blocked for any reason. When the discharge pipe thaws, the water will automatically run along it’s normal rout, and no water will escape from the ICE Guard.


ICE Guard in Lowden, IA - Photo 1ICE Guard in Lowden, IA - Photo 2ICE Guard in Lowden, IA - Photo 3
Waterproofing in Pekin, IA

Homeowner Clarence has lived in his 1950’s home for the last twenty years. Over the last two years he has noticed that there is more and more water in his basement. He was looking to sell his home and was worried about the resale value of the home due to the water. He was seeking consultation on how to keep the water out of his home. After meeting with a design specialist he knew that a WaterGuard System and a new sump pump was the right option for him.

Waterproofing in Pekin, IA - Photo 1Waterproofing in Pekin, IA - Photo 2Waterproofing in Pekin, IA - Photo 3
Radon Mitigation in West Branch, IA

Homeowner Deanna and Erwin were worried about the levels of Radon in their home. When they contacted MidAmerica Basement Systems they were interested in having a radon mitigation system installed in their home. They knew that having a radon mitigation system in their home would make it safer for their family and also help the resale value of her home. 

Radon Mitigation in West Branch, IA - Photo 1Radon Mitigation in West Branch, IA - Photo 2Radon Mitigation in West Branch, IA - Photo 3
Waterproofing in Durant, IA

Homeowners Todd and Tonya recently contacted MidAmerica Basement Systems when they were interested in waterproofing their home. They were concerned that the water problems in their home and how they could lead to mold and other issues. They met with a design specialist to lar that the best option for their home was a full perimeter waterproofing system. The TripleSafe sump pump and a full perimeter WaterGuard system are the two system guaranteed to keep your home dry. 

Waterproofing in Durant, IA - Photo 1Waterproofing in Durant, IA - Photo 2Waterproofing in Durant, IA - Photo 3
Waterproofing in Tipton, IA

Joseph and Elizabeth have lived in there home for a few years and have noticed that over the past few years more and more water in their basement.  They were worried about the risk that would come with the water damage and wanted to seek help immediately. After meeting with Design Specialist Justin Bailey they knew that the best option for their basement was to have it waterproofed. They had a full perimeter waterproofing system installed along with a TripleSafe sump pump and CleanSpace walls. The WaterGuard system and the TripleSafe sump pump together will protect your home against water. The CleanSpace is similar to a thick pool liner. The liner will keep your space clean and dry and also free of mold. 

Waterproofing in Tipton, IA - Photo 1Waterproofing in Tipton, IA - Photo 2Waterproofing in Tipton, IA - Photo 3
Radon Defense in Lowden, IA

Homeowner Vickie was concerned about radon in her home and decided to seek professional assistance. MidAmerica Basement Systems installed a radon mitigation system to help remove the radon. Radon is naturally occurring and is the second leading cause of lung cancer in the United States. Having a radon mitigation system installed in your home can keep you and your family safe. The radon mitigation system is located on the outside of your home and has a cover to keep it protected from the weather and the outdoor elements. 

Radon Defense in Lowden, IA - Photo 1
New Basement Windows in Bennett, IA

Homeowners Phil and Vicky were in need of new basement windows. Their old basement windows were failing and it was taking a toll on their heating and cooling bill. After contacting MidAmerica Basement Systems, the old basement windows were removed and that space was resized for new windows. Once installed, the new window wells have covers added to keep the windows sealed off. 

New Basement Windows in Bennett, IA - Photo 1New Basement Windows in Bennett, IA - Photo 2
Fully Waterproofed Basement in Bennett, IA

Homeowner Shonna has lived in her Bennett, IA home for many years. She has recently had issues with water in the basement of her home and she wanted to address this issue to make sure that her home was safe. The full perimeter waterproofing system, new sump pump, and CleanSpace walls. All of these will make sure that Shonna's house stayed dry. 

Fully Waterproofed Basement in Bennett, IA - Photo 1
A Home Is Now TripleSafe In Clarence, IA

Homeowner, Nick was experiencing too much water in his basement at once. He had an older sump pump trying to pump the rain out, but it just could not handle that amount coming in. He knew he needed to replace it with a sump pump that could handle the amount of rain Clarence, Iowa was getting. He searched the Internet to find a company that would be able to help him. He came across MidAmerica Basement Systems. Design specialist, Michael came out to discuss different options for Nick. Michael suggested that purchasing the TripleSafe Sump Pump will be the best option for Nick. It is the world's most reliable pumping system. Installer, Bill was able to come out to Nick's home and install the system for him.

Nick will no longer have to worry about his pump failing during the rain again because the TripleSafe Sump Pump has three pumps to do the job. It will be able to handle if the first pump cannot handle the amount of water coming in, pump failure, and if there is ever a power outage. Nick is now able to enjoy the rainfall and not have to worry about the water not being able to pump it out of his basement. 

If you too are having the same issue please reach out to MidAmerica Basement Systems! We would be happy to help you!

A Home Is Now TripleSafe In Clarence, IA - Photo 1
WaterGuard Intercepting Water In West Branch, IA

Homeowner, Dru was a previous customer of MidAmerica Basement Systems. Dru was very pleased with MidAmerica Basements Systems past work, that when his basement started to have a water issue he knew who to call to come to take a look at it. Design Specialist, Mac came out and take a look at Dru's basement. He recommended that waterproofing his basement would be the best solution to his water issue.

Installer, Cory was able to come out and install WaterGuard, a WaterGuard Port, Drainage Material, TripleSafe Safe Pump, IceGuard, LawnScape Outlet, and a Discharge Line. All of these are important elements for a waterproofing system. WaterGuard is reliable, and will permanently solve the issue of a wet basement. It is a piping system that will not clog from any soil under the floor. It is designed to intercept the water around the perimeter of the basement and drains it safely to the TripleSafe Sump Pump.

We were happy to help the homeowner, Dru once again. He can now enjoy using his basement again and does not have to worry about any water coming back in. If you are having the same issue has Dru, please do not hesitate to reach out to MidAmerica Basement Systems. We would be happy to help you!

WaterGuard Intercepting Water In West Branch, IA - Photo 1
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